Our Products

"They say people's pets say a lot about them... I think their car say's more"


How Protexsa Guarantees Quality


Our Interior products include Leather & Dash Rejuvenation and Protection as well Fabric Protection, to cover your car against even the harshest of stains.


The Protexsa Exterior Protection kit comes standard with Tyre & Trim Restorer, Fallout Removal Technology, Swirl-Mark Removal and our signature product – the magic Protexsa Sealant, which locks in the Protexsa “goodness” to ensure long-lasting results.

Three year Warranty

All Protexsa fitments come with a 3 Year Warranty – meaning that if you get a stain on your seats at any point during the three years after your Protexas was applied, we ensure that it looks good as new, or we replace your upholstery entirely.

How Protexsa Guarantees happy customers

Speedy Fitment

With fitment teams based across South Africa, you're guaranteed a fast turn around time, anywhere in the country!

Dedicated Call Centre

Our call center is dedicated to ensuring that we quickly and efficiently deal with any queries that you may have, from questions about our product, to warranty claims!

Eco Friendly

Not only do we source our product from the most "Eco-Friendly" suppliers, we have also ensured that our fitments require neither water, nor electricity, so that the only footprint we leave is a beautiful car and a smiling customer!